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Do you ever wish you could talk to other successful contractors who are in the trenches just like you? Or even just listen to them as they share the stories, failures, and secrets they have learned over the years?

Well, that is exactly why I’ve decided to create this contractor podcast just for you. This podcast is labeled A Podcast By Contractors for Contractors. Every week we explore not only one contractor’s personal story, but also the little tips, tricks, and secrets they have learned for how to market, grow, and run their business. As well as any apps and tech they are currently using to streamline their business.

Our goal with each episode is to bring you Inspiration, Motivation, and Education, helping you run and grow your contracting business with passion for your craft, and a desire to make a difference.

Every week on Wednesday a new episode is released.

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Martin Holsinger

PS. The purpose of this construction podcast is give you consistent inspiration and motivation. Let us know if you have any ideas of how we may improve! Thanks!!

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