If you are a skilled general contractor,

Then you Too Can Experience True Freedom...  
Working For Your Dream Clients And Doing What You Love! The 'Million Dollar Client' Formula Shows You How !!!

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"Martin, I get so sick and tired of all the cheap, low-ball homeowners, wasting my time and energy estimating projects I'm not even interested in!...Can you help me?"
-B Ferguson

Yes! You Too Can Finally Eliminate Wasting ALL Your Energy On Low-Ball Projects and Tire-Kicking Homeowners Who Don't Care About You Or Your Expertise... Guaranteed!
(Normally $997 - For Just $7) !!!

Dear contractor friend,

Have you been wasting your time and energy on low-ball projects, and trying to please "tire-kicking" people who don't even care about you or your building expertise?

Or all they care about it is how cheaply they can get it done?

Wish you could build a brand with a five star reputation that attracts 'million dollar clients' to you, but don't know where to start?

Then this is the answer you've been looking for.

Hi, I'm Martin Holsinger,

I've built a couple businesses in my lifetime, and helped many others build theirs. 

I've ran into the same problem in all of them.

In each of these businesses, I've struggled with attracting prospects who don't really care about me or my expertise. 

Either they were looking for the cheapest price out there, or they were just kicking tires and wasting my time and energy!

It was beyond frustrating!

...and made me feel like something was
wrong with me...

Before I understood the process I'm about to share with you, I was so frustrated and felt like something was wrong with me.

Like I have a major flaw...

And If I'm honest I felt a bit jealous of all those other successful contractors who seemed to be born with an attractive magnet I somehow missed out on.

But now I know...  

It Wasn't That I Have A Major Flaw...

- It's not that I'm missing something as a human being.

- It's not
that those other 'successful' contractors out there are born with something I don't have.

- It's not that I was in the wrong trade.

- It's not that I was pursuing the wrong dream either. 

- No, it's not any of those things at all.

    The thing that was wrong was...

    the approach I was using.

    I used to think that if I have the knowledge and skills that is enough.

    Or put another way, "if I build it they will come."

    Or if I put some ads out there on Facebook, Craigslist, or even the TV, that I will eventually get to do the jobs I dream of...

    But, the problem with that approach is that it was attracting anybody and everybody. 

    And in that crowd are all the tire-kickers, and low-ball cheap people.

    And they ended up just wasting all my time, energy, and resources. 

    Which led to frustration and despair.
    It Make Me Want To Quit!!!
    That caused me to seek help. 

    To seek answers.

    Over the past 20 years I've been on a journey of discovery, learning what the secret really is. 

    Once, you know it, you realize, It's actually not that hard to grasp.
    It wasn't until I finally understood...
    The Correct 'Formula'
    ...I was finally able to attract and serve 
    my dream clients.
    When I finally understood the right approach, and how to put it in place, then I was able to go from being a frustrated general contractor almost ready to throw in the towel and go work as an employee...

    ...to experiencing true freedom and serving the kind of clients I love!

    And the difference was Night & Day!
    "The Name Of Your Flagship Framework!"
    ~continue the "WHAT" from the "Who, What, Why, How" script...





    "But will it work for my company?"

    Yes! The exact same thing has happened in every business I've tried it on. 

    Using this same formula, each business has been able to go from trying to please anybody and everybody, to attracting and serving our dream customers.

    The Good News Is...

    ... This process will work for every general contractor!!!

    You don't have to go through more months and years of frustration, attracting horrible clients. 

    You can get started today learning and implementing this exact formula in your business!

    And it can work for your company as well!

    This works amazing because it doesn't change who you are or the dream clients you are called to serve.

    The formula uses your dreams, knowledge, and abilities to help you build a business that attracts and serves the ideal clients you dream of.

    Which frees you up and empowers you to live the life you dream of.
    STOP trying to fake it till you make it!
    I used to think I had to change and become like him. Or I had to try and act like that person.

    I thought I had to "fake it till i made it."

    But that's not being true to myself.

    And it's certainly not being true to who God has called me to be. Or to those I've been called to serve.

    Yes! I should grow.
    Yes! I should continue to learn.
    Yes! I should develop and become better.

    But, I should NOT try to be someone else.

    I've Been Able To Work On My Company...

    ...instead of being tossed around like a worn out employee!!!

    From the very first step in the formula you will be set free to be the CEO in your company.

    You will finally be able to go from being the grunt who's jerked around putting out fire after fire, to being the visionary owner you have always dreamed of being. 

    Your perfect and ideal customers are looking for a certain belief you must have to attract them to you, and the formula will reveal it to you.

    It's not sales charisma or being extroverted that attracts your perfect clients anyway.

    So, you don't have to worry about that.

    I Went From Being Unheard Of...
    To Picking And Choosing ONLY The Projects I Wanted...
    (And referring all the other jobs to others.)
    Since I was new to this community. No one had even heard of me before. (We moved here to help plant a new Church.)

    So, how in the world was I supposed to grow a remodeling company and attract the perfect clients?

    It doesn't happen overnight.

    But following the process of The 'Million Dollar Client' Formula eventually worked!

    Not only was I attracting the exact clients I wanted to work for, but I was able to afford to turn down all the jobs I didn't want to do.

    I just referred them to other contractors.
    You Don't Have To Be Well Known...

    ...You just have to have integrity and follow the formula!

    One of the scariest things about starting a general contracting company is the walk of faith that is required to get going.

    And then, after you've gotten a few jobs, the next hardest thing is dealing with cheap, boring people who don't have enough money for what they want, or worse, don't care about the level of quality and care of the craft.

    And that is what The 'Million Dollar Client' Formula is all about.

    With this formula you can go from being a nobody, to working exclusively for your dream customers.

    It's totally up to you!
    If  You Are A General Contractor, Then You Too Can Work For 'Million Dollar Clients'!!!
    If you have a contracting company that you KNOW could be built into a brand with a five star reputation and attracts 'million dollar clients', then this formula is PERFECT for you!

    In the past I only taught these frameworks to the contractors who subscribed to our $10K website services... But today I wanted to make you a VERY SPECIAL OFFER and give you the entire formula itself AND trainings which show you HOW to use the formula...
    For Only $7.00
    Yes... for about the price of a tube of caulk, you can get access to the framework that took me 20 years to create... 

    That after you understand and implement, you will be able to experience the true freedom of serving your dream clients and doing what you truly love!

    YES Martin! Give Me Instant Access To The 'Million Dollar Client' Formula And Training RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !
      Instant Access To 'Million Dollar Client' Formula  (Value $497)
      Full Access To Million Dollar Client Training  (Value $297)
      How To Identify Your Ideal Client (Video)  (Value $97)
      Instagram Marketing Simplified (ebook) (Value $197)
      'Easy Reviews' Email Invite Series: Templates  (Value $197)
      Contractor Marketing Video Vault [Full Access]  (Value $297)
    Total Value: $1,582
    Today Just $7
    It Doesn't Matter What Type Of Contractor You Are... The 'Million Dollar Client' Formula Will Work For YOU!
    In fact...
    We have seen contractors in every market and niche using this same process in their own businesses!
    They use it to attract their dream clients in every niche you can dream of, like:
    • ​Kitchen Remodels...
    • ​Log Homes...
    • ​Whole House Remodels...
    • ​Home Improvement...
    • ​Outdoor Living Areas...
    • ​Design/Build...
    • ​Home Additions...
    • ​​Custom Homes...
    • ​Luxury Custom Homes...
    • ​Bath Remodels...
    • ​Boutique Custom Homes...
    • ​Basement Remodels...
    • ​General Contracting...
    • ​And many, many more!
    ~insert stories or examples to help show your creditability...




    Brad Leavitt Uses The Principles Of This SAME Formula
    To Attract Celebrities And Other High End Clients To His Boutique Custom Home Building Firm in Phoenix, AZ!!!
    But that's not all...
    ...Other builders are using these
    same principles as well, like...
    Toby Cornell from
    Cornell Custom Construction
    ...He is using this formula to attract multi-million dollar luxury custom homes in the highly competitive market in Southern California!!!
    This formula and the included training will teach how to think, and what to do, to ATTRACT your dream customers to you.
    For many of you, you may not be wanting to do multi-million dollar projects.

    (And that's totally fine...)

    Your 'Million Dollar Client' may be different from mine, and someone else's... Your dream client could be...
    • Kitchen Remodels
    • ​Handyman/Home Improvement Services
    • ​Pool Decks and Pergolas. 
    • ​Basement Finishes
    • ​And MORE!!!
    It's not the price tag that's important. It's the QUALITY of the customer and how well the project fits your dream vision.

    This formula I'm going to teach you will work for any contractor...

    It's the same strategy I use in my businesses...

    And it will work for you as well!

    When You Get Your Copy Of The 'Million Dollar Client' Formula ($997 For Just $7.00)
    You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
    Bonus #1 - The 'Million Dollar Client' Masterclass
    "How To Use The Million Dollar Client Formula"
    Total Value: $297
    This masterclass training walks you through the 'Million Dollar Client' Formula and shows you how it works for contractors.

    This training is designed to be used in conjunction with the Formula. Once you download the formula, start listening to this training to gain a full understanding of how it works in a contracting business. 
    Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of The 'Million Dollar Client' Formula Today! 
    Bonus #2 - Identify Your Ideal Client (Video) 
    "How To How To Identify Your Ideal Client" (Video by Brian Kashas)
    Total Value: $97
    This is a video my contractor friend Brian Kashas recorded and send over to me where he walks me through his ideal client process. It's Excellent!

    Brian is passionate about contracting and business. He is always studying ways to improve his brand and build a better business. I admire him and respect him a lot!
    Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of The 'Million Dollar Client' Formula Today! 
    Bonus #3 - Instagram Marketing Simplified
    for Contractors (ebook)!!!
    Instagram Marketing Simplified for Contractors (ebook)    
    Total Value: $197
    This is the book I wrote specifically for contractors showing you exactly how to market your business on Instagram. 
    Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of The 'Million Dollar Client' Formula Today! 
    Bonus #4 - 'Easy Reviews' Email Templates
    Easy Reviews Invite Email Series: Templates
    Total Value: $197
    Ever wished you could send an email to your latest client and ask them for a review? (But you didn't know what to write?) This email series will do it for you!
    Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of The 'Million Dollar Client' Formula Today! 
    Bonus #5 - Contractor Marketing Video Vault
    Full Access Contractor
    Marketing - Video Vault
    Total Value: $297
    This is a library full of video interviews where some of the best contractors I know share how they are marketing and growing their businesses.
    Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of The 'Million Dollar Client' Formula Today! 
    There Is NO CATCH!
    You are probably thinking, "Martin, this all sounds good, but what is the catch?"

    Honestly, there is no catch.

    - I'm not going to stick it to you in some hidden way.

    - I'm just trying to help as many contractors as I can to simplify the business side of contracting, and build a business you love.

    - Plus, I know that if I get one of my products in your hands and provide value to you now, and truly help you with this... then you will trust me and come back and purchase more help from me in the future.

    Time Is Of The Essence...
    This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.
    If you want to get this offer, then get it now.

    Frankly! I don't how long I will keep this offer up.

    I'm kind of putting it out there as a test, and may take it down at any time.

    So, if you want in, get in now!

    Once they are gone, they're gone!

    Just imagine getting one 'Million Dollar Client' from following this formula!
      What would that Do for you and your business?...
      How Would that impact your experience in life?...
    All it takes is ONE 'Million Dollar Client' Coming to you and everything can change!
    Here Is My "Utterly Crazy" Guarantee
    I really want to make sure you love what I'm giving you today. 

    So, I'm going to give you crazy guarantee.

    I will take all the risk on this!

    I guarantee that you will love this training so much that if for some reason you feel like this product isn't worth tons more than your investment, just drop me an email within 30 days, and I'll refund your $7 back and let you keep it anyway.

    Sound fair?

    You Must Act Fast!
    This is truly a limited offer, so claim your copy now before they are all gone...
    I really hope you enjoy the formula!

    I hope you use it. I hope you go through the training and put everything you learn into practice.

    I know how this can transform your business and life!

    Thanks again,
    Martin Holsinger
    P.S. - Did you skip all the way down here just to see what the deal was? ( I do that often.)

    You get instant access to The 'Million Dollar Client' Formula and the training. This is the process I've learned and used over many years to:
    - Attract my ideal clients to me
    - Do only those projects that I love to do!
    - Have a business that serves me.
    - And It's only $7 Today!

    Just click the button below right now to get started!
    YES Martin! Give Me Instant Access To The 'Million Dollar Client' Formula RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !
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    Everything Your Going To Get
    • Instant Access To The 'Million Dollar Client' Formula (Value $497)
    • Full Access To The Formula Masterclass Training (Value $297)
    • How To Identify Your Ideal Client (Video) (Value $97)
    • ​Instant Access To Instagram Marketing Simplified eBook. (Value $197)
    • ​Access To 'Easy Reviews' Email Templates (Value $197)
    • ​Full Access To Marketing FIRE Video Vault (Value $297)
    Total Value: $1,582
    Today Just $7

    ONE TIME OFFER - Only $37: All the transcripts from this purchase and the audio files PLUS the entire slide deck will be INSTANTLY included with your purchase! Most people who add this to the order simply want to make sure they get it all!

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